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Basic Series Circuit



This is a basic series circuit. this circuit includes two LED lights a 9 volt battery a buzzer and a SPST switch! ūüôā YAY

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My Multiple Intelligence Survey.


I completed a survey which said my intelligence strengths are;

> Kinaesthetic (Body Smart)

> Interpersonal (people smart)

With the results of the survey I agree. I am Body Smart because I usually have a lot of energy, and I also agree with being people smart because I really enjoy being around my friends family and other people, and I’ not good at working on my own and would always much rather working in a group.

I found it interesting that for my third highest result, there were three  different intelligence types with the same level for the third place.

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Madi loves giraffes! :D

madi's marvellous mind is an EPIC blog you should go and check it out XD
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My Goals!


In class-

In class I really want to be able to hand in my homework in time.

Outside of school-

outside of school I want ot be orginased so i can get my homework done and get some spare time as  well.

How I use my computer-

I want to be able to keep my computer charged, so when i am in class it doesnt go flat.



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Hello world!


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